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SEO Case Studies


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Silent Disco  |  Netherlands

Silent Disco was a site that had zero keyword rankings on Google and a 87% bounce rate. They had a lot to gain from on-site optimization. 

They needed their Wordpress site updated with keywords and compressed for load speeds, but also needed a serious UX assessment and updated CTAs for visitors. 

The Stats


From a C to an B- in

on-site SEO scoring according to SEOptimer


Places moved up in Google ranking


Headings with target keywords added

Schermafbeelding 2019-12-04 om 18.35.38.

Keyword Ranking

There was a significant increase in ranking for the Silent Disco rental company. The goal was to get their site ranking for select keywords relating to the business. 

This is to show the effect after only the first step of on-site optimization. Further on-site and off site optimization will be used to update

kwaliteits conserven

This Wix site was given special attention to branding and well designed, but did not have on-site SEO best practices used. 


The goal was to increase ranking for certain keywords and optimize the site.  

The Stats


From a C- to an A+ in SEO scoring according to SEOptimer


Ranking for keyword

"La Perle des dieux"

(Name of their product)


Headings with target keywords added

Keyword Strategy

Together with the client, I have worked on a strategic plan for incorporating specific keywords that get their website ranking for the right kind of traffic for their business focusing on quality over quantity. 

They now have a plan for repurposing some of the content that already exists on their site in a blog format that allows for them to better incorporate long-tail keywords.


SS Champion | Sandlewood exporters

SS Champion needed not only onsite SEO edits, but to have on-going backlinking.

After design and on-site optimization this turned into a 6 month backlinking project where I managed a team adding different backlinks with continuous on-site optimization.

The Stats


From a D to an B- in SEO scoring according to SEOptimer


Traffic Increase


More LinkedIn messages

Schermafbeelding 2019-12-13 om 16.20.29.

Traffic vs Leads

At the end of March we stopped backlinking and re-evaluated strategy to refocus on quality over quantity.


This lead to less general traffic and more targeted traffic which resulted in more overall leads.

So despite a 50% drop in traffic there was an 500% increase in leads.

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