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SEO Specialist

Free SEO Report +

30 min consultation

Get graded on the 5 main fields of improvement for your website

  1. SEO

  2. Social

  3. Speed

  4. Security

  5. Usability

Five pillars of SEO report




Extended Crawl report +

Keyword research

Get a prioritised list of your site’s pages and issues, ordered by those with the most number of, or most urgent problems.

Get your main keywords and long tail keywords per page

On-site Implementation

Optimizing your website via the backend using the previous SEO report

This includes things like:

  • H1,2,3

  • Description and meta description

  • Image tags and alt tags

  • Text optimization

  • Delete broken links

  • Google registration/ google maps

  • Social media connected update

  • Content update suggestions and implementations

Multiple months off-site program

Starting a backlinking program for multiple months.

This includes the possibility to add monthly blogs

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